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A full-service program that can host any type of Special Event; - - It is our aspiration to serve every corner of our community to grow alongside our vision with capacity building and economic development through “Natural Principles”

  Offers a wide array of optional industry: 

Enrichment education Workshop Programs in Cruise ship, entertainment, Social and Community functions, Business Meetings, Multicultural studies, Trade Shows, Training Seminars, Corporate Leadership, Workforce Team Building, Mentorship.

Art in the healing, Bereavement and Individual and Private Parties.

  •  Kentucky Derby

  •  Royal Ascot Parade               

  •  Tea-Party, Wine tasting,

  •  Runways Catwalks

  •  Presentation Trade-Shows

  •  Curator & Exhibition Display

  •  International Women's Day  

  •  Story-Telling Recital

  •  Creative time on cruise ship

  •  Multicultural Event 

  •  Diversity Inclusiveness

  •  Visual & Performing Arts

  •  Saddle-Up Vendor Event

  •  Individual and Private Parties      

         * Avant-Garde Millinery Design                           & Workshop*


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Sustainable Fine Art Design Workshop

            Creativity through simplicity;                                incorporating the studying of                                recycling awareness; new                             possibilities, the "green" movement                   and the use of everyday materials.


            This is a step by step customized                          program that guides results and                            success.





        .  Consulting               .  Presenter

        .  Branding                  .  Art (Health-Care)

        .  Global Visibility      .  Facilitator

        .  Mentorship              .  Retreat/Camp

        .  Creative Narrative  .  Purpose Envision


  • Transformational Leadership

  • Guest Lecturer Interdisciplinary

  • Senior Pampering Day

  • Personal Development

  • Hands-on Demonstration with Props     

Fine Art Business Development Management 

Inspirational/Motivational Speaker


Moderator on International Multicultural Education through story-telling

Master of Ceremony

Key note speaker & presenter

Host & Trainer.

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