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On Our Events!

Executive Event Producer / Moderator

Keynote Speaker:


Social & Community Engagement . Corporate Team Building 

Black History Month . Mentoring Leadership . Women Conference  

Reunions . Anniversaries . Birthdays . Holiday Party .



Multicultural Diversity Inclusiveness

Festival / Trade Show:


Kentucky Derby. Ascot . Wine Testing . Tea Party . Holiday Party

Cruise-ship Enrichment .  Parade Hats (Easter)


Art Education Program / Coaching / Retreats

Guest Lecturer / Presenter & Workshops:


Visual & Performing Art . Art Business Consulting and

Management . Traditional Story-Telling and Cultural Studies .

Small Groups

The Healing Art Program

Creative Ministry:


Specialty Project . Bereavement . Hospice ---  Pain to Purpose

(Helping people enhance their lives through global cultures

and leadership development).

Wellness Inspiration, Wisdom:

Community Inspirational gratitude about feeling alive; Working towards life wellness together to support each other by sharing stories, ideas, and setting small goals journals.


Ending with a one dance or a game around the world. Creating a happier well-being.

*You can also reserve a private wellness, inspiration session with -Dictta and your friends; simply gather a (Min of 4, Max of 9)

friends to enjoy*.

Up Coming Events!

Holiday Party

Come together, Sing together, Dance together!

Saddle Up Vendor  Booth ~ CALL

  • Sundays, February, 2024

  • Sundays, March, 2024

  • Sundays, May, 2024

The Horses Early stgs

Exhibition Trade-Show


Stay Tuned Year, 2024



The language that predates written history… as a leading rule for excellent discipleship “cross-training”!

Dawn 2.jpg

Inspiration, Leadership

To motivate a global culture of well-being and development!

Dawn in Autumn


Crafting techniques and industry knowledge!

Ongoing - Click on 

Raw Float

Art Healing/Good Health

An integral part of hope and healing!

Nana-Dictta_Angelina_Sustainable Fine Ar

Fashion-Show in Diversity Inclusive


Coming up on Summer

Abbott Fashion Show- Diversity Inclusive

Traditional African Dance

Has the power to stimulate and enrich our lives with meaning!

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  Proposed Date


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  • Corporate Team Building

  • Nonprofit Enrichment Program

  • Healing through Art (Health Care) 

  • Church Organizational Program     

  •  Higher Education

  •  School Groups

  •  Seniors Home Care

  •  Special Needs    

  •  Library Programs 

Business WorkForce

Community Engagement

 Scholars Initiative

Dance and Cultural Studies

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Online Workshop

Online Workshop 

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