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The Executive Producer of

Programs & Events

Fine Art Business Development Management,

Guest Lecturer Interdisciplinary, Multicultural Studies, Diversity Inclusiveness.

It all started with the Traditional African Head-Gear


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Artist Statement:

An international acclaimed Professional Fine Micro-Mosaic Artist; Restoration/Conservation; Hats Designer; Healing Arts; Moderator/Keynote Speaker. 

Expert strategist on creative vision, connecting principle to personal and professional growth development; incorporates Sustainable Fine Art by recycling everyday materials to life, mentoring leadership and storytelling,

that empowers us to thrive!


Ms. Graves has a Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of Royal Society of the Arts, Scotland.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, African Dance and Cultural Studies.

Nana-Dictta’s breath of work is a

soulful refinement to the

contemporary category;

influence deeply by her

deep roots in Ghana

West Africa.


She merges two distinct

sensibilities “storytelling”

and “Eco-Friendly Work of Art” with compositions that showcase an elusive and elegant balance of both; giving Renaissance

to illustrate what's important; that inspires,

in the global cultural fabric at the start of bright idea, in the hearts of the community

to make the world greater and a better place of PEACE!


Also, a Producer: International Multicultural Studies; Traditional African Dance Performance; Bereavement Peace Initiative.


Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area

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Visual and Performing Art Programs

(Please help and  support the Artist)

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Nonprofit Enrichment Program

  • Higher Education Multicultural Event

  • School Groups

  • Senior Home Care

  • Special Needs

  • Traditional Dance and Cultural Studies

  • Healing through the Art (Health Care)

  • Church Organizational Program

  • Community Connectivity

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